Winter is here full-force, and even though we have a lot to do, the wind especially makes it hard to spend time out there. We’ve been getting strong gusts from the west and the north, with the occasional break when we get wind from the south. I’ve been sort of missing Florida, and making plans to buy a winter property down there. But for this winter, we’re stuck in the cold.

We have a new crop of chicks both in the brooder and the incubator. 7 days from now we will hopefully have some new faces!

We (finally) started on permanent stalls for the horses. They’re sorely needed, as is a rain gutter. That’s the next project!


Maat van Uitert is a backyard chicken and sustainable living expert. She is also the author of Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock, which was a best seller in it’s Amazon category.  Maat has been featured on NBC, CBS, AOL Finance, Community Chickens, the Huffington Post, Chickens magazine, Backyard Poultry, and Countryside Magazine. She lives on her farm in Southeast Missouri with her husband, two children, and about a million chickens and ducks. You can follow Maat on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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