Selective breeding is, in my opinion, the best way to create and maintain a self-sustaining chicken flock tailored to your own specific needs and purposes.


On our farm, I’ve devoted a lot of time and thought to the qualities we want in our breeding stock.


In this episode of What The Cluck?! we talk about how we began our chicken flock, how we selected our breeding stock, and the qualities we look for when selecting which roosters and hens to breed.


I hope it helps you create and maintain your own self-sustaining chicken flock.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How to begin a self-sustaining flock
  • How to choose breeding stock
  • How to decide which qualities to look for
  • When to breed and when not to breed


Links I discuss in this podcast:

FrugalChicken Instagram page

FrugalChicken Facebook group

Feeding Your Hens Right!


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Create a self-sustaining chicken flock, tailored to your needs, through selective breeding. In this podcast, we talk about how to choose breeding stock and more. From FrugalChicken


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