It’s ButcherBox time! This month, I learned that you can customize your box and I ended up getting 6 pounds of BACON!


Of course it’s sugar free bacon (keto diet, thank you very much). And I got some other things besides bacon, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what else I got. If you don’t know, ButcherBox is humanely-raised, grass-fed, organic, non-GMO meat sent right to your doorstep (convenience on a platter, LOL).


You can have pasture-raised chicken, beef, and/or pork sent to your home. It’s shipped overnight or 2 day (ours is 2 day because we live in a remote area) on dry ice and in insulated boxes and bags (in earth-friendly materials also!).


This month, if you join ButcherBox, you can save $10 and get bacon in your subscription box FREE! Use this link to get this special:

Click here to learn more about ButcherBox


If you want to see what I got this month, then watch the video:


So yes, the boxes are customizable and you can start or stop your subscription as needed. I love how convenient it is to get healthy, organic meat delivered to my door, and so will you!


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