It’s one thing to have a cute chicken coop…..and another to have a coop that’ll also keep out the predators.


That being said, a coyote-safe coop can also be stylish!


In this week’s Adorable Coops! round up, we’ve scoured Instagram for Country Chic coops that are perfect for ANY backyard AND that are predator safe.


You’ll see some common themes: bright colors, clean exteriors, and LOTS of hardware cloth! (Because we all know that when it comes to deterring predators, hardware cloth is where it’s at.


So, here’s this week’s Adorable Coops – enjoy and BE INSPIRED!


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We built our first coop and got our 4 little chickens a year ago yesterday. In that time we have lost one hen to a raccoon and that experience scarred us. After moving into this new place we just haven't felt comfortable enough to let our hens free range yet and this morning I was so glad we followed our gut. I had just woke up when I heard screaming hens and ran outside to find a fox trying to dig his way into our coop to get them. I was able to scare him away and thankfully no one was hurt. However it made me so grateful for this secure spot my husband had created for them and the fact that they were contained. Now we have to address how to get some fencing up, better protection for them and are even looking into a LGD. If you have ever had to deal with foxes on your homestead give me your advice. I would love to know how we can prevent this in the future. In the meantime I will be watching with my gun close by. #sneakyfox #freerangechickens #ourcoop #chickencoops #predators #farmlife #countrylife #chickenkillers #needaguarddog #notoday #wholesomehomemadehome

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