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  1. I have 2 dozen chickens living in a citrus orchard (50-100 trees) they, along with the wild birds, eat the fallen fruit. Interestingly although they are older hens they are laying in the middle of winter (Southern Hemisphere) maybe it has something to do with the citrus….. Another slightly smaller flock are not getting citrus and are not laying…. Might have to throw some citrus in to them and see if they start laying :o)

  2. my small flock free range under citrus trees. They are great shade trees for keeping my birds cool in summer. I’m not sure weather they eat the windfall fruit or not,…

  3. We have several chicken and every time I give them oranges they never seem to eat them. Or if they do it is only a little.

  4. My chicken love oranges. They don’t like the skin I have to cut them open into 4 pieces and they eat the centers clean of all fruit.