Our culture has come so far. In some ways it’s concerning, in the wonderful world of pets – it’s fantastic. Chicken diapers are one of the coolest inventions for modern-day pet chickens.

It’s true, there are many crazy chicken people out there who have house chickens in addition to their backyard chickens. To be honest, not that many years ago I wouldn’t have imagined chicken diapers even in my wildest dreams! But here we are.

I think I have your attention, now let’s get the diaper wipes out and delve into this weird but potentially useful topic!

Graphic of chicken pooping and dreaming of a diaper

What Are Chicken Diapers?

It is what it says it is. A diaper for chickens. Say what??? It’s true, it really is. Our culture has gone completely rogue in the pet world over the last decade, including transitioning once outdoor pets, chickens, to the indoors! The use of chicken diapers is all part of this crazy ride.

In fact, we chicken people spend an insane amount of money on our chickens these days. Most of us don’t regret one minute of it. From amazing smelling nesting herbs, to vitamins, to high quality feed, to entertaining chicken toys and clothing – you name it, it’s out pretty much out there. The extras that help protect your chicken’s health are especially easy to spring for.

If you are not one of those people (yet) then listen up! Chickens are extremely personable and fun, they make great pets…in or out of the barn. Plus they’re worth every penny you spend on them.

I love chickens. I really, really love chickens. And although I don’t personally have a full time resident chicken sharing my bedroom (some people do) – I do bring chickens into my house on occasion. And believe me, a chicken diaper is a chicken lovers gadget you’d rather not go without.

Chicken Diapers – Pros

  • You can take your pet chicken places with you with less mess (she’d be a hit at a pet store)
  • Allows you to bring your chicken into your house or apartment
  • Lack of chicken poop in your house or car (if you decide to take your chicken somewhere)
  • The interaction of putting diapers on your hens and letting them in your house will help keep them friendly
  • Happiness that comes from having your pampered poultry nearby is priceless
  • Spoil your chickens with special indoor time and protein rich treats

Chicken Diapers – Cons

  • Just like a baby diaper or nappy, they can easily get full of chicken feces and leak
  • You have to change them often because chickens are pro poopers
  • Diapers are cloth and have to be cleaned (no one has invented disposable chicken diapers…yet)
  • Your beloved chicken bottom feathers can get all dirty and need cleaning, diapers can cause irritation by creating too much moisture
  • Bathing your chicken might be necessary (which, if you have an indoor chicken, you are probably already doing)
  • It all sounds dreamy, but getting these on your chicken and then keeping them on your chicken isn’t necessarily an easy task
Chicken In The House Min
Chickens can make great indoor pets

Need To Know Facts About Buying Chicken Diapers

There are actually quite a few choices out there on the market for chicken diapers. Some of them are very cheap and poorly made. Others are expensive…and poorly made. Then there are quality diapers available.

You can get them from WalMart online, Etsy stores, and there are many varieties on Amazon. Some of the diapers need liners, some come with liners. There are some that are simply a little poop catching pocket, while others are more of a full body outfit. Most of them are held on by elastic straps that fit over the bird’s tail or cloth straps.

You also need to consider the size of your chicken when shopping for diapers. Do you have a bantam or a full size chicken? Is your full size chicken a medium or a large bird? Do you have a rumpless birds, like an Araucana? If so, only certain kinds of diapers will work because most of them only work with stiffer tail feathers. You need to make sure you are getting the right size.

Be sure to consider all these things while shopping. You’ll have to do a fair share of research, reading of reviews, and be sure to pay close attention to all the details so you don’t waste your money.

As mentioned in the “cons” section above, putting any kind of clothing or accessories on a chicken isn’t automatically an easy task. And then keeping the clothing (or diaper in this case) on your chicken can be challenging as well. But if you have a chicken that you really want indoors, chicken diapers are certainly worth a try.

Chihcken in a diaper
Etsy Listing

Chicken Saddles

There is another chicken accessory that is worth mentioning. They are called chicken saddles. When a rooster is a little over active during mating, your hen can lose feathers on her back. Not only that, they can get tender and irritated. Chicken saddles to the rescue! Check out these adorable chicken saddles. Plus here are some benefits of this chicken gadget.

  • Make it easy to protect new feather growth
  • Prevent feather loss from over-mating
  • Protect exposed skin from sun damage/sunburns


Barnyard animals aren’t just for the barn anymore. And chickens aren’t the only farm animals that end up in houses either, but that’s another story altogether.

As for chickens, if folks want to have them indoors then considering chicken diapers is recommended. They may have more cons than pros, but it’s definitely worth a try. It just depends on what’s more convenient and tolerable for you. You may prefer cleaning diapers over cleaning poo off the floor or furniture. It’s up to you! That’s the beauty of this wonderful world we live in!

Leah Betts

A happy wife, mother, teacher, writer, hobby farmer, lover of chickens, and contributor to Pampered Chicken Mama!

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