I’m frequently asked by new bloggers (and sometimes more experienced bloggers or even business owners) how my website makes money so it brings in real revenue every month.


In this article, I’m going to tell you the different ways I bring consistent income to support my family with my blog.


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Far and away one of the easiest ways my website makes money is from ad revenue, and it makes several thousand dollars every month.


If you’re not sure what magic I’ve concocted to accomplish this, understand that when it comes to blogs, companies are willing to pay you for every 1,000 page views. So every day, I earn a certain amount just because people come to my website. The amount fluctuates depending on the day, time of year, etc.


Just so you don’t think I’m some super negotiating whiz, I work with a company that handles all of this for me – I just produce content, and they take care of the rest. These companies are called ad networks, and there’s a lot of them out there (and they’re not all great or looking out for YOUR best interest).


It’s best to work with a good ad network to ensure you are making as much as possible. For example, Google’s AdSense (which most bloggers start with) doesn’t pay nearly as much as other networks, and you’re on your own with where the ads appear on your website.


Even if you don’t have many views yet, there are other, more profitable, options (one I usually recommend to beginning bloggers is Sovrn. They pay on time, and I believe they don’t have a minimum).


I personally work with AdThrive, and when my students reach 100,000 monthly pageviews, I usually recommend they go with AdThrive, since they’ll probably get a big jump in their ad income (not a promise, just been the trend).


A good ad network realizes they make more money if YOU are more profitable – so they’re always looking out for ways to increase your site’s revenue. My network makes sure ads are put in the best spots and they’re always making suggestions.


Essential Oils

Getting essential oils into the hands of people who love them is the 2nd way my blog supports my family.


If you’re into all-natural living and want to make some green for your pocket, then you’ll be interested to know that essential oils are as close to a “business in a box” you can get.


For a very small investment (think under $500), you can get a great return on your investment and start earning profit the following week (I have friends who turned 3x their investment just 1 week after joining).


I’ve partnered with a great team, and we have fun while earning a living that supports our family.


The best part is we don’t trade dollars for hours – instead we do the work when we have time, and it’s an investment that means our income isn’t dependent on the number of hours we work. It’s dependent on working SMART.


When it comes to selling oils, it’s key to partner with the RIGHT team. You CAN just go with any brand or team out there, and I’ve tried a couple. Having the right mentorship is critical to being successful because they can answer questions, keep you motivated, and keep it fun.


I really can’t overstate how important joining the right team is – even if your mentors are successful, if they aren’t providing guidance constantly, you will be out on your own to figure it all out. Having the right people backing you up cuts through a lot of the difficult stuff so you can be successful faster.


If you want to learn more about working with me, you can find information here.


My blog also earns income by independent ad sponsorships. I’m not a big fan of chasing sponsorships, and I’m extremely selective about who I work with – you can easily spend a lot of time trying to get sponsorships without much return on your time investment.


I usually wait for them to approach me, or I will cherry pick companies with whom I already have good relationships.


With ads and the essential oils, however, your income is much more passive – all you need to do is create content, and it’s automatically going to earn you SOME income.


Sponsored Blog Posts

Occasionally, I will do a sponsored blog post – where a company has negotiated with me directly to pay me a certain amount to endorse their product on the blog.


This CAN fall into the same category as sponsorships (see above), but sponsorships are usually more long term and can be for anything from a certain amount of social media shares, to consistent blog posts, sponsoring a podcast, etc.


Sponsored blog posts are usually a one-time deal, and usually just for the blog post itself.


I don’t do these often – they usually don’t pay enough to have any real impact, and then I have to make sure the company actually pays me. Many times, companies want to pay you in product, and it’s usually not very much.


And, of course, I have to use their products and like them – as bloggers, our readers take our opinions seriously, so it doesn’t pay in the long run to endorse a product that you don’t like.


Typically, I will endorse a product if I know the creator (such as a book author) and I don’t mind giving them some publicity because I know my readers will love their product. It’s safe to say that sponsored blog posts are not a big part of my business plan.


Affiliate sales

One part of my blog’s business plan that pays a certain amount are affiliate sales. This means I advertise other people’s products for a predetermined percentage of the sale.


Amazon is popular, and it’s one most bloggers start off with. For every sale you recommend on Amazon, you get a certain pre-fixed cut of the sale.


However, most bloggers quickly find that this brings SOME revenue, but not a ton. When someone clicks your link to buy a product on Amazon you recommend, they must purchase within 24 hours – otherwise, you lose credit for the sale.


Both ad revenue and essential oils make me MUCH more than Amazon affiliate sales.


With companies outside of Amazon, I’m extremely selective about who I will work with, and I’ll give you a word of caution: Before working with ANYONE on affiliate sales, make sure they will actually pay you. It’s very common for bloggers to not be paid for their endorsements, and it’s happened to the best of us.


In the end, it’s about finding what works best for you, and consistently promoting those products.

My own products

Naturally, I also have my own products, which include books, t-shirts, courses, instructional videos, and more. I also have coaching and consulting packages to help new bloggers or companies grow their income. (Want to find out more? Click here).


This is a bit more advanced because you need to create the products, deliver them to people, and have a way to accept payments. However, it’s an income strategy that’s 100% in your control, and with the right products and the right audience, it can be very lucrative.


When it comes to making money from your blog, all activities are not created equal. While there are lots of options, I personally focus on the strategies that have an impact. Your time is valuable (never forget that!) so you can try everything on this list, but pick the ones that work best for you, your situation, and your blog, and focus on those – it will have a bigger impact on your blog’s profitability in the long run.


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