Main Takeaways:

  • Huddling (looking hunched) with eyes closed is a sign your chick is cold and/or sick (if they’re just cold, they’ll usually cheep loudly, too)
  • If they have some feathers, you’ll notice the feathers will be “puffed out” too. If they just have down, you won’t notice any feather fluffing.
  • If your chick is cheeping loudly, and you know their brooder is the right temperature (because you have a thermometer in the brooder and no other chick is acting cold), AND the chick is hunched over with eyes closed, then they might be sick.
  • If your chick isn’t growing while the rest are, it might be a sign they have some physical issue (especially if you know they’re eating/drinking/pooping)
  • If they stop eating or drinking, your chick might be sick.
  • If your chick has poop mashed to it’s vet, it probably has pasty butt.
  • None of this will tell you WHY your chick is sick – you must get a vet’s opinion (I’m not a vet).

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