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What if you could have ALL THOSE Clucking Yummy Herbs in one easy to use blend that chickens LOVE?

Introducing Best Eggs Ever! Nesting Herbs For Pet Chickens!

🌿 A sweet smelling blend of calendula, garlic, oregano, basil, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, and more!

🐔 Perfect for supporting your flock’s digestive and oviduct system year round

💡 Easy to add to nesting boxes or feed

✅ Crafted by experts

How We Make Our Nesting Box Blends

Step 1: We consult with our behavioral & veterinary experts to discover why most hens stop laying eggs. We also determine how to help healthy hens lay EVEN BETTER eggs!

Step 2: With our experts, we craft small batch, high quality herbal blends to best support your flock.

Step 3: We source our herbs from USA family owned businesses. We know all our suppliers personally!

Step 4: In our certified facilities, we carefully blend all the herbs together into one fantastic product!

Step 5: We send them off to your hens!

Who Are We?

Welcome to the Pampered Chicken Mama family!

I developed Best Eggs Ever! in conjunction with veterinary experts. When my hens stopped laying, I needed to find out why! Turns out, they just needed a little extra help. Best Eggs Ever! is an all natural herbal blend combined with calcium. Your hens will love it, and you’ll love how happy it makes them!

What Do Other Chicken Mamas Think?

Chickens love the scent…and you’ll love all the herbal support and calcium in Best Eggs Ever!