The Deal With Dust Bathing + Recipes! [Podcast]

Dust bathing is natural and even healthy for your flock.


Your chickens NEED to dust bathe – it’s good for ’em physically AND mentally.


BUT….all dust baths aren’t created equal.


In this week’s podcast, I dish all about why chickens dust bathe, how to create a better dust bath, and how to keep them rolling in dirt even when there’s slush and snow on the ground.¬†


You’ll learn:

  • Why chickens need to dust bathe
  • What exactly they’re doing when they’re tossing dirt
  • Why the size of your dust bath matters
  • Why I use¬†diatomaceous earth instead of wood ash
  • Why you shouldn’t bother including charcoal in your flock’s bath


Links we discuss:

How to Build A Dust Bath in 5 Minutes

Manna Pro Poultry

Where to Buy Diatomaceous Earth


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One comment

  • I use an old metal washtub for a bath in an old dog cage with a roof and I cover it with plastic in the winter 4 get in at once. I used a big truck tire too 3 get in that. They also love a flower garden that is against the back of my house it is now theirs I had mint planted in I plan on trying some other herbs this year if they’ll let them grow LoL.

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