Molting Mania: Dealing With Feather Loss & Winter Care [Podcast]

Ahhh….molting. It’s a crazy annual event that can definitely freak you out if you’re new to backyard chickens.


While molting is a totally natural process, if you’ve never experienced it, you might wonder how best to support your flock while they regrow their feathers.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should never handle your chickens as they’re molting
  • How to best feed your flock so they stay healthy while they grow new feathers
  • How to keep them warm when the temperatures turn cold and they’re naked
  • The specific pattern you should look for when your chickens molt



Links we discuss:

Molting checklist

Manna Pro Poultry website

Where to buy Calf Manna

Where to buy Manna Pro Organic Layer Pellets

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I’d like to hear from you!

Have you ever dealt with a chicken molting? Did it totally freak you out? Leave a comment below!

Article Name
Molting Mania: Dealing With Feather Loss & Winter Care [Podcast]
Molting is a crazy annual event that can definitely freak you out if you're new to backyard chickens. Here's how to keep hens healthy even when they're naked.

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